Sandwich Maker Brownie

Sandwich Maker Brownie

Sandwich Maker Brownie


Egg  = 1

Sugar  =  1.5 cups (fine grind)

Oil  =  Half Cup

White Flour (meda )   =  2 cups

Coco Powder  =  4 tsp

Baking Soda  =  1/2 tsp

Milk  =  3 tbsp

Hand Beater


Pour an egg into a bowl and beat it very well. Mix sugar after beating, then add oil and mix again. Using a hand mixer, mix white flour, coco powder, and baking powder, then beat again. Warm up the sandwich maker, and oil the inside as well. Put two tablespoons of batter in each inner plate, then close the lid. After the light blinks, open the lid and enjoy the foamy triangle sandwich maker brownie with cream.



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