Cook Instant Chicken Manchurian the Quick Recipe of Fozia?

How to Cook Instant Chicken Manchurian?

Sometimes it happens that Manchurian cannot be ordered from the market and the other hand it also happened the basic ingredients of Manchurian are not available at home, so we can quickly make chicken soup with the taste and appearance of Manchurian and get praise from guests or family. I am Fozia and I invented this recipe in one day and made quickly chicken manchurian by the use of hot & sour flavor and got a lot of praise from my family. Now I make the same hot and sour chicken corn soup as a super chicken manchurian which is a family favorite.

Among all the recipes, chicken manchurian is one of the best. Individuals enjoy eating with fried vegetables. This post has a quick and easy recipe for chicken manchurian that I create with just a few ingredients and a great taste.


Instant Chicken Hot & Sour Corn Soup Packet ========  1 packet

Chicken Boneless  ========== Cut in Cubes

Whole Bell Pepper ==========       1   Cut in Cubes

Carrot ============   1   small    Cut in Cubes

Onion  ========= 1 big cut in cubes

Egg =========     1   egg

Corn Flour===========        1 tbsp

Salt & Black Pepper  ===========    Half Teaspoon ( salt ) Half Teaspoon ( Black Pepper )

Red Food Color ============        few pinch  ( optional )


First, add the egg, black pepper, and corn flour to the boneless chicken, thoroughly mix, and then leave it for 30 minutes to set.

Place the chicken cubes that have merinated in high oil and fry them. After the chicken cubes get golden, remove from the oil and place on a platter.

The next step is to boil three cups of water in a skillet with carrots, onion & bell peppers. Boil until half of the vegetables are tender.

Pour the entire packet of instant hot and sour powder into a cup of water, stir thoroughly, and then add in the boiling water. Make sure there are no lumps forming when combining by stirring constantly.  Switch off the burner when everything is thick and consistent. You can add red food coloring based on your preferences.

Finally, add all of the fried chicken to the thick instant soup.

Quick manchurian chicken is ready.

Some Point

You will see that we did not add any special ingredients, such as vinegar, hot sauce, or chili sauce. This is due to the deep flavor that already exists in instant chicken hot and sour. resulting in a spicy and sour flavor. Nonetheless, you are welcome to add other flavorings like soy sauce or chilli sauce.

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