Easy Tip no Break Egg Yoak During Fry in Oil

Easy Tip no Break Egg Yoak During Fry in Oil

Every day, I fry eggs in oil, and I want the yolk not to crack. Maintaining the egg yolk steady in its membrane while it was being fried proved to be an extremely challenging feat for me in the past. My mother-in-law showed me how to fry eggs in oil without shattering the yolk after we got married. These days, my favorite breakfast combination is an egg and paratha. I also want to tell you about the method used by my mother-in-law.

Approach to Method

Fill a semi-hot pan with oil. Add around 1/3 cup of additional oil to one egg. After that, crack an egg into a bowl to ensure that it is not a rotten egg. Then slowly pour the egg into the semi heated pan. Move the pan to one side while holding it via the handle. Using a spoon, fill it with hot oil (which will pool at the pan’s rims) and pour it over the egg repeatedly until it appears completely fried. The egg yolk remains in its original shape.


After frying, remove the egg from the pan using a flat spoon. Then transfer all of the leftover oil to a different bowl for later use. Using this method, you can fry eggs in bulk.

Easy Tip no Break Egg Yoak During Fry in Oil

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