Make Lavashak at Home The Recipe of Fozia

How to Make Lavashak at Home?

Hello my name is Fozia. I like to eat lavashak so much. If you are discovering this unusual name for the first time, I introduce on you. Lavashak is a thin strip of tamarind and date with a sweet and sour flavor. Thin layer stuck to the plastic sheet. People prefer to eat it with spice powder & tamarind thin sauce. It tastes amazing and scrumptious. I got some lavashak strips at the store and really enjoyed them, so I decided to make them at home, and my recipe is here. It is not the same as what I bought at Mart, but it has a delicious flavor that I created.

My Recipe is Here

Tamarind   ==========    1 cup ( seedless)

Date   ========= 1 cup ( seedless)

Salt =========  Half teaspoon or According to your taste

Spicy Powder or Chat Masala   =============   1 Teaspoon

Corn Flour ========= 3 tbsp full  ( mix in half cup of water)

Brown Sugar  ========  3 tbsp or According to your Taste

Thin Plastic Sheet  ======= According to Need

How to Make

The first step is to put tamarind and date in 1 cup of hot water. After some time, when both turn soft, put them in a blender and make a thick, smooth paste. Now put all the paste in pan and switch the burner low flame. Put all the spices and mix well until all the spices turn a paste with a delicious flavor.

Take out some paste from the pan for making thin sauce, mix chili sauce in it until your desired flavor is enhanced.

Now Pour the corn flour into the pan gradually & stir with a wooden spoon. When thick paste forms like gel, switch off the flame and take out a spoonful of tamarind gel paste, paste it on thin palstic sheet, & cover it again with the same palstic sheet. Put it in a cool area to set. After some time, the sheets were completely cool. For eating, you can uncover a thin plastic sheet sprinkled with spicy powder & tamarind sauce, which I made during cooking. It’s yum & delicious.

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