Food Ul Malook

Food Ul Malook

The Only Thing I Like Better Than Talking About Food Is Eating ~ John Walters

When people ask me why I named my website Food Ul Malook, I say that it was inspired by Saif Ul Malook. A collection of three beautiful, charming stories about Saif Ul Malook is attached.
The Saif Ul Malook Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan, and it is very famous for being where fairies land. Therefore, I consider my food website Food Ul Malook to be as beautiful as Saif Ul Malook Lake. In another tradition, Saif-ul-Malook is also the name of a prince in Pakistani folk tales who is extremely beautiful. My food website seemed as beautiful as a Pakistani prince to me. It is also famous to name a book Saif Al-Mulook, written by a Pakistani poet, in which very beautiful poetry is written. I consider my website as a beautiful book where I create recipes for readers’ enjoyment. It is because of all these beautiful reasons that I have named my website Food Ul Malook.

The importance of food in our lives

We rely on food and oxygen for life, but what flavor we eat depends on our nature and mood. Some people like spicy food while others prefer bland food. People in some countries eat without bread, while people in some Asian countries love to eat everything with bread.

It is human nature to get bored when eating the same kind of food over and over again. Often, rice is made in human house, then he prefers burgers the following day. Humans also consume vegetables. After eating vegetables, he craves pizza to change the taste of his mouth.

People from different cultures have introduced different types of food according to their taste buds. Nowadays, due to the demand for food diversity, small and large restaurants are opening in every city, village, etc. In restaurants, people feel a sense of pleasure when eating the same food they prepare at home.