White Mutanjan or Colorful Sweet Rice Eaten at My Aunts Place The Sweet Memory

Sweet Rice

I had eaten mutanjan at my aunt’s place once. White rice took center stage because it was colorful and tasty. At the time, it was quite tasty. The aroma was quite enticing. Sweet-toothed palates will also enjoy this tasty rice. Additionally, I made the decision to prepare vibrant mutanjan in my kitchen. I first gather each ingredient.

The Ingredients of Mutanjan

Rice   ======  1 cup

Sugar =======  1 cup

Green Cardamom ======== 4

Yellow, Orange & Green  Food Color =========== Pinch Each

Small Rasgulla ========  1 cup

Dry Fruits Roasted=======  Raisins/Dry Coconut Sliced/Almond/Pistachio (According to your choice)

Dried Evaporated Milk (khoya) ========== 1/2 cup  (break into small piece)

Kewra Water ======= Few Drops

How to Cook

Put the rice in the water to soak. Boil it in water until it gets very tender after soaking. Make sure the rice does not stick to each other and stays apart. Empty the water and strain all of the rice. Add four teaspoons of oil to a pan now. Put the green cardamom roast in the oil for one minute. After that, pour in one cup of water and add all of the sugar. Stir the sugar until it dissolves. Add the white-boiled rice, but please do not move the rice up and down too much. Close it with a lid and reduce the heat to medium. Once the sugar water has completely evaporated, apply a small amount of food coloring to the sides of the skillet. Once all of the sugar water has dried and the rice appears to be separated from each other, place all of the dry fruits, rasgullas, & dried evaporated milk on the top layer and cover once more. Hold off on opening the lid, and don’t use a spoon to stir the rice up and down. Hold off until the steam stops. Because instantly turning up and down extremely hot rice can cause damage.

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