Spicy Wheat Porridge Recipe

Spicy Wheat Porridge Recipe

Spicy Porridge Recipe

The benefits of porridge are plentiful, especially when one is unwell and wants soft food, so porridge is the best soft food, but when spices are added, the porridge becomes extremely tasty.


Wheat Porridge  =  2 cups

Turmeric   =  1 tsp

Red Chili Powder  =  1 tsp

Ginger/ Garlic Paste  =  2 tsp

Chicken Stock  =  1 cup

Boiled Chicken Shredded  =  1/2 cup

Onion  =  Half small

Oil  =  2 tbsp

Cumin   = 1 tsp

Method Of Spicy Wheat Porridge Recipe

First you should wash wheat porridge with tap water then heat up burner & place a pan on stove with water then add wheat porridge, turmeric, salt, red chili powder and tomato in it then cook with low flame until all cracked wheat porridge cook well. At last add chicken stock and shredded chicken. Maintain taste according to your choice. Put oil with half onion and cumin seeds in pan then heat up with low flame until all ingredients turns golden brown. Pour it in cooked wheat porridge.




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