Raw Mango Juice Or Mango Panna

Raw Mango Juice Or Mango Panna

Raw mango juice is good in summer season, taste feel like a tangy flavor. Raw mango juice is protected from heat strock.

Ingredients of Raw Mango Juice Or Mango Panna

Raw Mango    =   4 Mango

Black Salt Powder  =   1 pinch

Sugar   =  According to your taste


Wash raw mangoes and place on a hot pan, making sure the burner’s flame is kept low. Cover raw mangoes with a lid. Turn mangoes upside down after 20 minutes. As soon as all raw mangoes become soft and pulpy. Put on a plate. When the mango has cooled down. Use a spoon or your hands to squeeze out all the mango’s pulp. Now you can put it in an airtight container. If you want to drink raw mango juice. Pour out raw mango pulp into grinder jug, add black salt, sugar according to taste, and ice cubes & water. Ensure that all mixtures are well combined. Pour all the juice from the grinder jug into a glass. Mint leaves or lemon slices can be garnished.


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