Grewia Asiatica Juice or Phalsa Shurbat

Grewia Asiatica Juice or Phalsa Shurbat

Phalsa Drink Or Falsa Juice or Grewia Asiatica Drink

Take clean falsa and use it to produce juice. Falsa should be ripe at this point. Such slips and falls are unhealthy. False syrup: if you prefer it sour, add less sugar; if you prefer it less sour and more sweet, add more sugar, which transforms the false syrup’s sour flavor into sweet. Making it a habit to consume this fruit juice every day will help you avoid digestive issues like nausea, stomach aches, and others thanks to the fibre included in falsa.

This Is The Easiest Recipe Of Grewia Asiatica Juice or Phalsa Shurbat

Fresh Phalsa or Grewia Asiatica  =  1 plate ful

White Sugar  =  1 plate ful

Fresh Water  = 2 cups

Cold Water  =  1 jug

Ice Cubes  =  As per required

Black Salt Powder   =  1/2 tsp

Mint leaves   =  For Garnish

Preparation of Drink

First wash grewia asiatica or phalsa very well then put all in grinder jug and pour 2 cups of water all sugar black salt and grind very well until all ingredients mix like a thick paste. Then put jug of cold water & grind again then pour all liquid in a strainer for strain phalsa seeds. Collect all juice in a big cooler. Cold water pour again and again until all sweet juices strain through strainer. Do taste if you feel sweet according to your taste so stop to mix more water. Trash all seeds. Pour juice in glass, put ice cubes in it. Grewia Asiatica Juice or Phalsa Shurbat ready. You can garnish with mint leaves.


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