Kanji Recipe or Black Carrot Probiotic Drink With Special Spices

Kanji Recipe or Black Carrot Probiotic Drink With Special Spices

Kanji Recipe or Black Carrot Extracts

It is a highly sweet and sour traditional Punjabi beverage. This beverage is made from a unique variety of dark maroon-colored carrot. Earthenware pots are used to create this syrup. This syrup has a cooling impact that makes it particularly beneficial for digestion. This syrup is tasty. The body receives energy from it as well. This wonderfully tart drink, which is created from rye, kalonji, black salt, and dark maroon carrot, has several health benefits. It is also crucial since it lessens the intensity of the heat, which has an instant impact and lifts the mood.


Black Carrot   = 2 kg

Black Salt  =  3 tsp

Regular Salt  = 1 tbsp

Yellow Mustard   =  3 tsp

Red Chili Powder  =  2 or 3 tsp

Ajwain   =  1 tsp

Water  =  4 to 5 liter


To prepare the carrots rinse and peel them into 1.5 to 2 inch sticks or batons, as shown in the photo below.

To make a fine powder, grind yellow mustard in a dry grinder. Add 1 tablespoon of black or brown mustard if you wish.

Fill the jars with the boiled, cooled water. Pour the water into the jar after filtering it, then pour it into a strainer with a fine mesh.

Using a clean, dry spoon, stir this mixture well.

Put a lid on loosely or tie with cotton cloth around the mouth of the jar or bottle. Store in sunlight.

After two to three days, the drink will become sour. Avoid over fermenting it.

Place the mixture in the sun every day, stirring it with a wooden spoon. The jar can also be shaken instead of mixed.


Kanji can be consumed anytime during the day, including before meals. The pickled carrot and beet sticks are a good accompaniment to Indian main courses.



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