How to Make Sour Watery Carrot Pickle?

How to Make Vinegar Watery Carrot Pickle?

Sour Watery Carrot Pickle

A watery pickle is made out of carrots, salt, and some special spices mixed with ordinary drinking water instead of oil, obviously which isn’t a special kind of water. As a result, it becomes very sour. All spices, including the carrot, should be submerged in water when making this watery pickle.


Carrot, radish, turnip, spinach stalks and cabbage stalks.
Salt  A mountain spoon (a table spoon so full that it becomes a mountain)
Crushed red pepper – a full spoon like a mountain
Mustard Seeds – A full spoon like a mountain

Method sour watery carrot pickle

Boil vegetables with water until their color is not changed but they are a little crisp.  Avoid overcooking.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and mustard, and leave for seven to eight hours.
Dip the vegetables in lukewarm water.  Water pickles are ready in two days.

If the sour water has finished, add more salt, pepper, and lukewarm water to the vegetables. Once again, the water will be sour.


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