Stuffed Roti With Mince Meat Filling

Stuffed Roti With Mince Meat Filling

Spicy Minced Meat Filling Bread or Qeema Bhara Paratha

Ingredients for bread dough or roti dough

Wheat   =  2 cups

Water  =  1 cup

Salt   =  1/2 tsp

Ingredients For Filling

Chicken/ Beef/ Chicken Meat    =  1/2 kg  Minced

Salt   =  As per your choice

Red Chili Powder  =   1 tsp

Black pepper Powder  =   1/2 tsp

Whole Green Chili   =  4 (chopped)

Fresh Green Coriander   =  1 bunch

Green Spring Onion   =  1 cup ( chopped )

Preparation for stuffed roti with mince meat filling

Make a dough by mixing flour, salt, and water in a bowl. For stuffed roti, knead the dough with your hands. Place minced meat in a pan, then add salt, red chili powder, and water. Cook until all water is absorbed. Cook again with 1 tsp oil. Then mix it with black pepper powder. Green onion, entire green chile, and fresh green coriander should be added after it has cooled.
Create two tiny balls of dough. With a pin, flatten it and create a tiny circle. Put cooked, spicy mince on a tiny circle of flat dough, then top it with another small circle of flat dough. Press edges with hands. When a large roti or loaf of bread has formed, roll it out with a rolling pin with gentle hands. Place it on a hot pan. Roti should be cooked till golden brown with spots. Place in a plate.


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