Mutton Stock Soup With Yummy Juicy Flavor

Mutton Stock Soup With Yummy Juicy Flavor

What Is Meat Stock Or Benefits of Meaty Stock?

Meaty joints and bones are simmered for moderately long periods of time to create the delicious mutton stock soup. It is used for making sauces, soups, and stews. Among its many benefits, mutton soup is believed to be a great medicine for fever, cough, and hand and leg pain. This dish is very refreshing and nutritious during the rainy season. After childbirth, women can regain their strength by drinking mutton soup with spices. There are 2.7 mg of iron in 100 grams of mutton, making it a good source of iron. A cup of hot broth three times a day can also benefit people suffering from fever or cough. Soup can be consumed anytime, but it must be heated so that it can reduce coughing and if the body is weak due to fever, it should be consumed at the time of day. It will give you strength, so drink it.


Mutton With Bones   =  1/2 kg

Water   =   8 glass

Salt   =  According to your taste

Whole Black Pepper  =   1 tsp

Whole Coriander   =  1 tbsp

Turmeric    =  1 Pinch

Garlic   =  6 cloves

Method of mutton stock soup with yummy juicy flavor

Pour water in a pan, put all ingredients in it. Then place on a burner. Burner’s flame should be medium. Cook until meat cook well & tender. Taste and add more salt if you want. Strain stock in a bowl with a strainer. Take out in other bowl. Sprinkle powder black pepper if you want. Yummy mutton stock is ready to sip.



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