How To Make Special Beef Pulao or Delicious Beef Pulao Rice Recipe

How To Make Special Beef Pulao or Delicious Beef Pulao Rice Recipe

What Is Pulao Or Juicy Stock Rice? 

The traditional method of cooking rice with stock is very famous in rice cuisine. First, the meat is boiled with seasoning, then the stock is poured over the rice. In the stock, the rice becomes delicious and tasteful. With salad or spicy yogurt, you can eat this soup-flavored rice.


Beef   =  1 kg  (  Meat with bones  )

Rice   =  2 cup

Whole coriander seeds  =   1 tbsp

Fennel Seeds or Sonf    =  1 tsp

Onion   =  2 big  ( 1 onion cut in chunks & other 2nd onion cut in thin slices )

Ginger/Garlic Paste    =   1 tbsp

Whole Spices  (Black Pepper/ Cinnamon Stick/ Cumin Seeds/ Bay Leaf/Black Cardamom/Cloves) =  1 tbsp ( all mix)

Tamarind ( Imli  Pulp )   =  For  Taste and Enhance brownish color   =  1/2 cup

Salt   =   According to your taste

Garlic Cloves   =   8  pieces

Whole Green Chilies   =   4 ( chopped )

Ginger   =  1 inch piece

Oil   =   1/4  cup

Method of Special Beef Pulao or Delicious Beef Pulao Rice Recipe

To begin for yummy rice, take a container, put rice in it, wash it with water, and then soak until raw rice turns white. Afterward, pour water in a wide pan, then add meat, salt, fennel seeds, garlic cloves, ginger pieces, and one onion (cut into four pieces). Place the pan on the burner. Cook until the meat become tender. Once that’s done, take another pan and add oil, sliced onion, and all whole spices. Place a pan on the stove and heat until onion turn golden brown, then add ginger garlic paste. Take the meat out of the other stock pan and place it in the cooking pan. Pour in the tamarind pulp as well. Combine the chopped green chilies and stir until the oil turns shiny. Pour the stock into a strainer to collect all the stock into a separate bowl. Now pour the entire stock into the pan. As soon as the stock reaches boiling point, drain water from the rice and put it in the cooking pan. At this point you check salt and put more if you feel less in quantity. Cook until the rice soaks all the stock and becomes half-cooked, but make a sense that the stock does not fully absorb into the rice. Cook rice with low heat with some stock left in the pan’s bottom. When Rice fully cooked in steam then take out in a plate.


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