Top 16 Cooking or Kitchen Hacks

Top 16 Cooking or Kitchen Hacks

Top 16 Cooking or Kitchen Hacks

How to Define Kitchen Hacks or Top 16 Cooking or Kitchen Hacks?

Before I talk about top 16 cooking or kitchen hacks I want to discuss what is hack?__It often happen that a lot of time is spent during working in the kitchen so quick hacks conveniences are taken out to save time and to finish the work quickly, because of less effort work people also don’t feel tired.

  • If you want to make Manchurian, which is made after going through some difficult steps. Then I have a quick hack to making manchurian. Buy hot & sour chicken soup instant sachet then take a pan and boil water add carrot, bell pepper, diced onion according to your taste, add also fried boneless chicken chunks. Boil little until all vegetables stay crisp but have some tenderness. Mix hot & sour corn soup sachet in it and pour in boiling water, you can add also pinch of orange color, cook until it turn into thick paste. It will become delicious Manchurian, you can enjoy it with vegetable rice.


  • You may need to place pieces of fresh double bread or apples in the jar if brown sugar lumps form. These will prevent the lumps from forming. A jar of brown sugar will not form lumps even if it is kept in the freezer.


  • How to clean your kitchen faucet if it is constantly stained with water droplets and soap scum?__First you squeeze the lemon in one bowl. Add baking soda. Mx it well. Apply it with scrubber.  Leave it for five minute. Clean it with white vinegar through scrubber.
  • If you put too much salt in your soup by mistake. If the soup is too salty, add raw potatoes and cook on low for 10 minutes. The saltiness will be significantly reduced. Then discard the potatoes.


  • If you plan to cook meat so before cooking beef or mutton, marinate it in vinegar, pineapple juice or tomato for at least 2 hours. Cause of rich marination it taste enhance more delicious.


  • Put a few ice cubes in the pan before drinking the meat stock, because of this hack all fat merge together and come on top of the soup and you can easily take it out of the spoon. make sure meat stock should be at room temperature.


  • In case you have raw fruit and you want to preserve it, keep an apple in its bag overnight. As the apple emits ethylene gas, raw fruit will be ripe within one night.


  • Sometimes when working in the kitchen, two glasses get stuck in each other due to being placed on top and bottom; Pour ice water. And dip the bottom glass in hot water so that you can take out the glass very easily and there will be no risk of breaking.


  • If tears start coming out from the eyes while chopping onions, then peel the onion, put it in a bowl, cover it and keep it in the fridge. Whenever you need to use onion, take it out of the fridge and cut it. No tears will come out of the eyes.


  • If the potatoes are cut and kept, they will turn brown after some time. If they are cut and soaked in water, they will not turn brown.


  • If the chewing gum gets stuck in your hair, rub an ice cube on the gum; it will harden and come out.


  • To cook Haleem, whole wheat is soaked for a long time and then boiled which takes a lot of time. Add cooking soda powder and hot boiling water and keep it covered after soak put the same water in the pan and let it cook .. then the wheat will cook very quickly.If you are soaking two cups of wheat, take a quarter teaspoon of Cooking soda powder. You can do this with lentils too. Lentils also take a lot of time to soak. Wash the lentils thoroughly and filter them. Add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda; the lentils will get wet very quickly.


  • How do we know if gram or wheat is soaked?__Whenever wheat, lentils or any hard lentils are soaked and checked to see, take it in hand and place them between finger and thumb, press them. If it doesn’t feel hard, it’s soaked.


  • If you peel garlic cloves with fingers, sometime it’s hard to peel with finger because sometimes garlic is smallest in size so you put the garlic in the microwave for a few seconds. Now uncover the garlic surface with hand easily. Or you wash the garlic well and put in metal pot now beat on garlic with metal stick. pour some water. All garlic pulp will settle in the bottom and the garlic peels will start floating on the surface. Pick up the peels from the surface and throw it away. Now garlic pulp use in your cooking.


  • When cooking, onions are often browned in oil and then this brown onion is further cooked so that it dissolved into a paste during cooking in a pan with ingredients. This paste makes curry gravy good. Rather than this long process you can blend all spices and ingredients with a stick blender. With the help of this hack gravy become so smooth in a cooking pan, rather than time taking process.


  • To remove the bitterness of the bitter gourd, first salted and then washed with water and squeezed by hand, which is a difficult task. As you wash the clothes, bend over to get out the water.


  • Keep flour, gram flour, semolina, etc. in the fridge. Also keep tamarind, aloe vera, pomegranate seeds etc. in the fridge.
  • I discussed top 16 cooking or kitchen hacks but if I found more then I edit this post further important points.


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