What is gram flour?

What is gram flour?

A raw or roasted yellow lentil known as channa dal or Bengal gram is ground into a flour known as gram flour. Gram flour is still very popular in South Asia, despite its recent emergence in the west. Besan is used to make flatbread and fritters, among other things. It can be purchased in fine and slightly coarse textures. A lot depends on the flour’s texture as well. It is extremely similar to chickpea flour and has a similar flexibility.

What is the benefit this flour?

In addition to being gluten-free, this flour is higher in fiber and protein than other flours. Due to its high fiber content, the flour can soothe your digestive system and help treat any related disorders. Additionally, it assists in the treatment of diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it can help people lose weight. It is widely available in the market. In Pakistan, it is known as besan, which offers many skin, hair, and health benefits. Some common dishes are also made from it. Apart from cooking, it can be applied externally as a hair pack, a face scrub, and a face mask. You can use it for your newborn baby’s face with no hesitation as it is very gentle and smooth.


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