Mini Pita Bites Recipe

Mini Pita Bites Recipe

Instructions For Mini Pita Bites Recipe

This recipe requires pita dough to be prepared like pizza dough, pita dough must rise like pizza dough, so we are adding yeast, which is a special ingredient for pita bread. Pita bread will definitely rise if the dough doubles in size, but if the dough does not rise or double in size, it indicates the yeast has expired, because yeast does not react with flour and other ingredients chemically. As a result, the dough will not rise after cooking and will remain hard. If you are ordering yeast for pita bread, make sure it is not expired.

For Pita Filling:

Salt  =   Half tsp
Black Pepper Powder  =  Half tsp
Soy Sauce  =  1 tbsp
Lemon Juice  =  1 tbsp
Garlic Paste  =  1 tsp
Onion  =   1
Capsicum  =  1
Preparation for Pita Filling
Put boneless chicken in a pan. Place pan on a low flame then add salt, black pepper powder, soy sauce lemon juice, garlic paste & onion. Cook all ingredients until chicken become fully cooked. At last add capsicum. Turn off flame and cover with a lid.


Mayonnaise  =  1 cup
Hot Sauce: 1 tsp
Chili Garlic Sauce  =  2 tbsp


Pour all sauces in one ball & mix well with spoon.


All Purpose Flour  =   300gm
Salt  =   Half tsp
Sugar  =  1 tsp
Instant Yeast  =  7gm
Water   =  As Per Requirement
Preparation for Mini Pita Bites Recipe
Pour all purpose flour in a boll then add salt instant yeast & water. Knead well with hand and set a side for 2 hour. When kneaded flour rise and double in size so knead again with hands. Make a small ball & flat with rolling pin. Then make a small roti or round bread & put in preheat oven for back. After some time when pita bread rise & baked same as a bread. Take out from oven and filled with chicken gravy & mixed sauces.  And enjoy


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