Beef Mince Recipe

Beef Mince Recipe

Important instructions of beef mince?

Some people argue that beef mince should not be washed because washing would remove its nutrients, but others argue that it should be washed because blood present collects between the meat particles when it is minced. which flows out with water because these people do not like the smell of blood, so they wash the mincemeat.

When you put the beef meat in the bowl to make mince, wash the meat well, remove excess fat, then dry it in a sieve and then make mincemeat. As you already washed the meat before making mincemeat, there is no need to wash it afterward.

However, if you want to wash the meat and wash away the blood that is collected between the meat particles, then you put the meat in a bowl and add water, the blood will mix with the water, then you take a sieve with fine holes and put mincemeat in the sieve, all the water will drain through the holes and the mincemeat will remain on the sieve.


Beef Mince   =  1kg

Onion   =  1

Ginger Garlic Paste   =  2 tbsp

Cumin   =  1 tsp

Salt  =  1 tsp or according to your taste

Tomatoes   =  2

Red Chili powder  =  2 tsp

Turmeric powder   =  1 tsp

Whole Green Chili  =  8 to 10 ( cut in thin slices )

Oil   =  2 tbsp or according to your choice

Fresh Coriander Leaves   =   2 tbsp ( chopped )

Preparations of Beef Mince Recipe

Put a beef mince in a pan. Turn flame on high heat. Add oil, onion, cumin, salt, turmeric powder and ginger garlic paste. Pour 1 cup of water in it for fully cook. After water dried and oil shown on sides in pan. Add red chili powder tomato slices & cover with lid. Switch burner on low medium flame until tomato fully cooked. After tomato water dried. At last sprinkle green chili slice over cooked mince and mix well with spoon. Eat and enjoy.


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