Easy Way To Prepare Pickled Cucumber

Easy Way To Prepare Pickled Cucumber


Cucumber    =  1 Kg

Vinegar   =   1 cup

Salt  =   1  cup

Water   =  2 litres

Garlic   =  2 full heads ( peeled )

Green Chilies   =  6 pcs

Dill    =  1 Bunch


At first, we put a water in a pan on a stove at high temperature. Add salt & vinegar. After the water boiling we switch off the burner and let the water cool down. When water feel luke by dipping the finger, so take a jar & put half whole green chili, some peeled garlic, a half bunch of dill & place cucumber in it. Then pour luke vinegar salt mixed water in it, add rest of ingredients again pour vinegar water in it again. Cover it with lid and set aside.  After two weeks it ready to consume.


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