Chicken Soup With Dipped Rice Noodles

Chicken Soup With Dipped Rice Noodles

Making Chicken Soup With Dipped Rice Noodles

Chicken stock is needed for this recipe. It is necessary to cook chicken stock before making this recipe. With a few cloves of garlic and salt, you can cook chicken. Put one onion and whole black pepper in it. Taste is greatly enhanced. My granny told me that if you want a really delicious chicken stock or mutton stock, you should cook it for a long time on a low flame without pressure cooker. The flavor of food becomes super tasty when cooked on low flame, according to my granny.


Chicken   =  1/2 kg

Salt  =  1 tsp

Rice Noodles   =  1 packet

Fresh Green Coriander   =  Few leaves

Whole Black Pepper   =  1 tsp

Green Onion  =  Few ( Round Slices )

Peeled Reddish For Topping   =  4 thin slices or according to your taste


For chicken stock, put chicken meat in a pan and add half a jug of water. It can only be seasoned with garlic & salt. You can add a small onion, garlic, and whole black pepper in it. Cook until chicken is tender and soft. Place boiled rice noodles in a strainer after boiling until soft and starchy. Pour chicken stock in one bowl and put rice noodles in it. Tatse it, if you want more salt so put more & if you want to add black pepper powder for more spicy so add more. Add fresh coriander leaves, green onion round cutting, put raddish slices on top & enjoy.


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