Chapli Burger

Chapli Burger

Chapli Burger For Spicy Patty Lover

For making chapli burgers, you can take readymade half-cooked chapli patties or make them from meat mince. It’s up to you. It’s good if you make your own because the fresh spices enhance the meaty yum flavor.

Ingredients For Chapli Burger

Meat Mince ( any kind of mine beef, chicken, mutton )    =   1/2  kg

Dry Pomegranate Seeds   =  2 tsp

Whole Green Chili   =   4 ( chopped )

Cumin Seeds   =  1 tsp

Dry Coriander Seeds   =  1 tsp

Salt   =  1 tsp

Tomato Chopped   =  1 tomato

Egg   =  1

Red Chili Flakes   =  1 tsp  or according to your taste

Onion   =  1 ( chopped )

Onion for assembling   =  1 slices

Tomatoes For Assembling    =  According to your need  2 ( sliced)

Lettuce leaves  =  As per your need

Pickled Cucumber   =  1 sliced ( optional )

Burger Buns   =  According to your choice ( each cut in half )


Take a mince in a bowl and add all ingreadents mix well then make a palm size patties and shallow fry in oil until both side turn golden and cooked inside well.

Assembling For Chapli Burger

On the bottom half of the bun, place lettuce leaves, onion slices, cheese slices, and tomato slices. On top of it, place the chapli burger. Cover it with cheese slice again and put few pickled cucumber. Cover it with top half burger bun.



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