Traditional Egg Shami Burger or Street Style Burger

Traditional Egg Shami Burger or Street Style Burger

First, we prepare beef Shami kabab for so here is the Ingredients

Beef boneless   =   1/2 kg

Salt   =  1 tbsp

Turmeric  =  1tbsp

Roasted Cumin   =  1 tbsp

All dry spices ( gram masala ) =  1 tbsp

Ginger Piece  = 1 inch peeled

Garlic  =  6 cloves

Green Chili  = 10

Onion  =  2 medium ( chopped)

Fresh Coriander  =  1 cup chopped

Gram lentil  =  1/2 kg

Red Chili powder   =  1 tbsp

Egg ( beaten )   =  For coating patty Shami kabab

Preparation For Beef Kabab For Burger

Put all ingredients in a pan except green chili onion and fresh green coriander, add some water and hardly dip everything up to one inch. All things should be cooked and tender when the water is dried. When all material has cooled, put it in a chopper and make a thick smooth material. Mix in fresh coriander, green chilies, and onion. Then, with your hand, form a pattyshaped round kabab. Dip in a beaten egg and shallow fry in less oil.

Traditional Egg Shami Burger or Street Style Anday Shami Wala Burger
Burger patties

Ingredients For Filling 

Egg  =  4 (  beat it in a bowl and add salt and black pepper powder according to your taste )

Tomato Ketchup  =  According to your taste

Lettuce Leaves   =  According to Your Taste ( cut in small )

Long Burger Bun   =  4 cut in half

Potato Fries  = According to your choice

Assembling traditional egg Shami burger or street style burger

Put tomato ketchup on the bottom of a long burger bun, then chop lettuce leaves on it, and then place a beef Shami patty kabab on top of it. Cook the beaten egg in a pan and then make a small plain pancake omelet, and put this tiny omelet on the beef Shami patty kabab, and then cover it with the second half of the burger bun.


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