Spicy Minced Meat Pearl Style Lettuce Wrap

Spicy Minced Meat Pearl Style Lettuce Wrap

Ingredients for meat gravy

Ground Meat Lamb/ chicken/ mutton  =  1 kg

Tomato  =  2 piece

Ginger Garlic paste  =  2 tbsp

Salt  =  As Required

Red pepper powder  =  2 tsp

Black pepper powder  =  1 tsp

Oil for cooking  =  2 tbsp

Lettuce Leaves  =  As per serving

Melted Cheddar Cheese  =  1 cup

Preparation for spicy minced meat pearl-style lettuce wrap

1. First, take a pan and put it on a burner, pour oil with ground meat and all spices in it, also add 1/2 cup water, and cover it with a lid, when all water dried up in the pan due to heat gradually. Stir the spoon continuously until the meat becomes tender or cooked well. Let it cool at room temperature.

2. Take 4 Lettuce leaves, and wash them ideally with water. On one bottom part put 2 leaves, pour excellent cooked meat, put melted cheese on it, and set tomato on it. Then cover it with the 2nd leaf.

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