Loaded Sun Dried Tomato Cheesy Beef Burger Recipe

Loaded Sun Dried Tomato Cheesy Beef Burger Recipe

Ingredients For Dried Tomato Mix Patty

Ground Beef With Fat   =  1 kg

Sun-dried tomato  =  3 pieces (cut in small chunks)

Garlic  =   8 cloves

Green Chili  =  4 piece

Salt  =  As required

Powder of Red Chili  =  1 tsp

Dry Coriander   =   2 tsp  ( crushed )

Cumin Seeds   =  1 tsp

Ingredients For Burger assembling

Pickled jalapeno   =  As Required

Cheese Slice  =   As Required

Burger bun  =  As Required and cut in half

Preparation For Loaded Sun-Dried Tomato Cheesy Beef Burger

1. Pour all the patty ingredients into a bowl. Mix well with your hands. Make a round shape with your hands and put it aside.

2. Shallow fry in a pan with less oil, or grill gently till raw meat cooks perfectly.

Assembling for Burger

1. Put the melted cheesy patty on the bottom half of the bun.

2. Place a cheese slice, and pickled jalapeño on it, and cover it on top with a half-bun.

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