Oat Flour Porridge

Oat Flour Porridge

Benefits Of Oat Meal porridge or Oat Flour Porridge

There are many health benefits to eating oats. As a gluten-free whole grain, they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. The dietary fibre in this flour is excellent. In addition, it may aid in lowering cholesterol levels. Comparing oat flour to all-purpose flour reveals that it has a significant amount of protein and good fats. It also has a vitamins and minerals in addition to being loaded with healthy carbs.

Ingredients for Oat Flour Porridge

  • Oat flour or plain rolled oats 1/3 cup (40g)
  • You can mix milk and water or use both 2/3 cup (200ml)
  • Banana 1 ripe
  • Raisins 1tsp
  • Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
  • For Topping add fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, nut butter, seeds, cacao nibs, hemp hearts, more cinnamon…or any combination you prefer!

Steps to follow

  • With the back of a fork, mash the banana
  • You will need a small pan where you will add your oats/oat flour, cinnamon and milk.
  • Do a quick stir when you add the mashed bananas and raisins
  • Cook with constant stirring over a medium-low heat.
  • Remove the porridge from the heat whenever you are satisfied with its consistency.
  • With your preferred toppings, serve in your preferred dish.
  • Enjoy the morning meal.



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