Grilled Cheese With Chutney

Grilled Cheese With Chutney

Grilled Cheese with Chutney

First, we make chutney by using green herbs.

Fresh Green Coriander             1 bunch Only leaves.

Fresh Green Mint                      1 bunch only leaves.

Fresh Green Chilies                  3 big

Garlic Cloves Peeled                 3 big

Salt                                              According to your taste

Lemon Juice                             4 tbsp

Preparation For Chutney

Put all ingredients in a grinder machine, mix well until it becomes a soft & smooth paste.  Then take out in a small bowl.

Preparation For Grilled Cheese  

Pizza Cheese                     1 packet

Mayo                                  1 pouch

Unsalted Butter               4 tbsp

Bread slices                      8

I select pizza cheese for this recipe. Because Pizza cheese have mozzarella and cheddar combination. It’s texture after melting both cheddar and stretchy.


Bread slices are first brushed with butter on both sides. On one side of each slice, paste mayo. Next, place one pizza cheese slice on it and cover it with the rest of the slice. Then place on a hot plate or tawwa until it turns golden. Change sides after that. When both sides look golden. Then take out in plate. Dip grilled cheese in green chutney & eat with small bites or you can eat without green chutney. It’s your choice.

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