Cheese Grilled Sandwich Recipe

Cheese Grilled Sandwich Recipe


Bread   =   a thicker bread such as texas toast

Butter   =  1/2 tbsp ( unsalted or as per your taste)

Cheese   =  Sliced Cheddar Cheese

Ingredients for Coleslaw

Purple Cabbage  =  one

Green Cabbage   =  one

Carrot  =  1

Mayonnaise  =  4 tbsp

Apple cider vinegar  =  2 tsp

Black Pepper  =  1/2 tsp

Salt  =  1 tsp

Olive oil  =  2 tsp

For preparation of coleslaw mix all coleslaw ingredients in a bowl.

Make sure the bread is buttery on both sides. Toast both slices. Both sides should be golden. Serve the cheese sandwich with potato fries or any way you like, and top with the other half of the bread. Toast until the cheese melts and the bread becomes crispy. Toast another two thick bread slices in a hot pan until golden brown. Top both toasts with coleslaw. Put the cheese sandwich you made earlier on top.


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