Halal Chicken Burger

Chicken Tangy Tomatoes With Onion Delicious Burger

Halal Chicken Burger

Ingredients For Halal Chicken Burger

Chicken Boneless  =  1/2 kg

Tomatoes   =  1/2 kg

Onion   =  3 (cut in half slices)

Green Chilies  =  5 (cut in slices)

Salt  = According to your taste

Red Chili Powder  =  1 tsp

Garlic  =  2 (nicely chopped)

Black Pepper Powder  =  1/2 tsp

Lemon juice    =  Few Drops  or 1 tsp

Oil  =  1 tsp

Long Burger Buns  =  4 pieces ( cut in half )

Preparation For Chicken Tangy Tomatoes With Onion Delicious Burger

First, marinate the chicken in salt, lemon, and pepper for one hour then cook it in a pan without oil until it is dry and tender, then remove it from the pan. In the same pan, add oil, garlic, tomatoes, black pepper powder, and lemon juice when all the gravy is half-done, then add onion and cooked chicken. Continuing to cook for 5 minutes until the onion chicken and the tomato gravy are well combined.


First, take the bottom piece of the long burger bun, then place chicken tangy tomatoes with onion on it. Cover it with 2nd half of the long burger bun, or according to your choice.


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