Garlic in Fried Rice

Garlic in Fried Rice

Garlic in fried rice

Many people enjoy eating fried rice. In fried rice, various vegetables are finely chopped and fried. The rice is also flavored with garlic. There are two ways to add garlic. It can be grounded in one way. In curry, grinding garlic is better because the small pieces are not visible in the gravy, which some people don’t like. It is important that the garlic dissolves well in the curry.

Another method is to chop the garlic finely and add it to the mixture. Garlic is chopped and added to rice since along with garlic, vegetables are also chopped in rice, so when fried with vegetables, thin pieces of garlic look very delicious.

How To Crush Garlic With Hands Or Without Machine?

Remove the garlic clove’s end. Once it’s smashed, it’s easy to peel.
Smash the clove with a knife blade or a jar. Place a flat knife blade on top of the garlic. With your fist or the heel of your hand, gently smash the sharp part of the blade. You can also smash the garlic with the bottom of a ball jar or a can of beans.
Take off the paper. Remove the paper from around the clove with your fingers.


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