Veg Biryani Recipe Easy

Veg Biryani Recipe Easy

Ingredients for Veg Biryani Recipe

Oil    =  1/2 cup

Rice    =  2 cup ( washed & soak in water )

Tomatoes    =   2 big

Green Peas   =   1 cup ( boiled )

Carrots    =  1/2 cup ( cut in small cubes )

Cabbage    =   1 cup

Green Bell Pepper    =   1 cup ( cut in small cubes )

Onion Chives   =   1 cup ( cut in small )

Potatoes ( optional )    =  2 ( cut in cubes )

Salt    =  As per your taste

Readymade Biryani Masala Packet   =  1 packet

Regular Onion     =   2 ( cut in thin slices )

Ginger garlic paste    =   2 tbsp

Mint leaves   =   1/2 cup

Fresh Green Chilies    =   6 small

Whole Spices   =  1 tbsp ( include cinnamon, whole black pepper, cumin seeds )

Orange food color or zarda color for orange biryani look    =   1/2 tsp ( mix in 2tbsp of water)


  • First take a wide pan, pour water & salt in it. Put rice in boiling water, when rice get half done strain it in a strainer & set a side.
  • Next step is that put onion slices, oil, whole spices together & fry until onion turn golden hue add ginger garlic paste.
  • Then add tomatoes in it. cook until all things become paste add readymade biryani masala in it.
  • Add potaoes in it. When potatoes cooked half, then add green peas, carrot, green bell pepper & cabbage in it. Make sure the color of vegetables stay fresh, when all ingredients looks like a rich gravy. Don’t overcook vegetables.
  • Sprinkle fresh green chilies on it. Add boiled rice on top of the gravy & spread very well on top sprinkle mint leaves.
  • Pour orange food color on it with the movement of clockwise, along that srinkle onion chives on rice at this time for chives fresh green look.


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