Noodle Gorillaz

Noodle Gorillaz

Ingredients For Noodle Gorillaz

Beef Boneless  =  1/2 kg

Potato  = 2 big ( cut in chunks)

Spring onion ( take only green part & cut in slice)

Oil  =  2 tbsp

Water For Stock  =  according to your requirement

Salt   =  According to your taste

Red Chili Powder  =  1/2 tsp

Lemon Juice  =  2 tbsp

Hot Sauce  =  Few Drops

Ginger / Garlic  =  1 tsp ( tiny chopped)

Black Paper powder  =  1/2 tsp

Instant Noodles Spices   =  Take a Instant noodles spices which you buy from super store or market

Procedure For Noodle Gorillaz

The first step is to add half a jug of water, beef, and salt to a pan and cook until the beef is fully cooked and the water ratio reaches a minimum. After that, set the meat aside. In another pan, drop oil, add ginger garlic, cook a little, then add potato chunks, sprinkle salt, and red chilli powder.  Place a lid on the pan and add a spoon of water until the potatoes are fully tender. After the potato is cooked, add the beef pieces and stir. Adding instant noodles, readymade noodles spices, and stock will make the noodles taste better. Sprinkle thin slices of green spring onion after the chicken is fully cooked.






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