How To Make Plum Juice?

How To Make Plum Juice?

Plum Juice

To make plum drink, take some hard plums because hard plums are sour in taste and when ground with sugar, it becomes a sweet and sour juice that helps the stomach digest food. It is also preferable to eliminate iron deficiency in the human body. Plums are also dried and have a sour and sweet flavour. If you don’t have fresh plums, you can substitute dried plums. It is difficult to make juice from dried plums, so soak them in water for a few hours until they absorb the water and soften. After soaking, proceed with the recipe outlined in this post.

Ingredients For Plum Juice

Fresh Plums  =  1 plate (Peeled and cut in cubes with seedless)

Sugar   =  1 cup

Ice cubes  = According to your need

Fresh Water   =  1 jug


Put all plums & sugar in grinder jug. Place jug on machine and mix until all plums becoming in puree. Mix fresh water and ice cubes grind again until mix well. Now put juice in glasses and enjoy.



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