Mutton Roasted Salted Flavored Tikka

Mutton Roasted Salted Flavored Tikka

Roasted Tikka For Mutton Lover With Salt Flavor or Mutton Roasted Salted Flavored Tikka

For roasting, we usually add a lot of spices to the meat to give it a spicy and tangy taste, in which the meat is marinated to make it tasty and such tangy meat is cooked on coals in many homes. When marinated with salt, garlic and ginger the meat has a unique flavor with salt which is very tasty, but those who like roasted meat with chili spicy can eat with a splash of chutney ( sauces) or ketchup. But salted meat is very popular among people due to its unique taste. You can follow this recipe for salted meaty flavor.


Motton Meat   =  1/2 kg ( cut in cubes)

Salt  =  1 tsp

Ginger/Garlic Paste  =  1 tsp

Preparation for mutton roasted salted flavored tikka

Cut the meat into squares and dry it well. Add salt to taste and garlic ginger paste and marinate it for a couple of hours.


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