How To Make Pizza On Stove?

How To Make Pizza On Stove?

Here We Discuss Two Ways To Make Pizza Without Oven

Pizza is usually very popular all over the world. The pizza maker bakes the pizza in the oven, but some people prefer to make their pizza in a pan or stovetop. In most cases, ovens and stoves use the same recipe, but some tricks are used to achieve the best results. Heat is most important part to help rise-up dough.

First Method: Making Pizza With Pan On Stove


White Flour   =   2 cup

Instant Yeast   =  1 pack ( make sure not expired )

Salt  =  1 tsp

Baking Soda   =  1/2 tsp

Oil   =   1 tbsp

Tap Water  =   For kneeding dough

Chicken Cubes   =  1/2 kg

Mashrooms =   According to your taste

Black & Green Olives   =  2 tbsp

Redaymade roast masala  =  1 tbsp

Pizza Sauce or Ketchup    =   As per your need


First of all, take a bowl and then put flour in it, then add salt, yeast, water, and baking powder and knead it, then keep it aside for two to three hours to swell, when it swells, knead it and cover it.

Then take the chicken and put it in a pan and add ready-made roast spices in it and keep it for cooking and dry the water well. If you don’t want to put ready-made roast spices so you can add only red chili powder, salt, black pepper powder and yogurt in it is ready.

You can also use ready-made pizza sauce for pizza or add ketchup or prepare pizza sauce yourself at home. For this, peel two tomatoes, cut them into cubes and add 1/2 teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of red pepper, a pinch of sugar, oregano. When the tomato cubes become soft, set a side.

Place cast iron griddle on the stove and switch on a high flame under it. When griddle pan are hot, place a large sized frying pan on top of the griddle then roll the dough bread & put it on griddle, and cover it. Make sure flame is stable on medium heat. This will cause the bread to rise slowly. When it rises and starts to brown on the bottom, flip the bread over to the frying pan.

Then spread the pizza sauce, chicken cubes, mushrooms, black olives & green olives, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese on the side facing up. . Cover again and keep the fire in the middle of the stove. Cover until everything melts and the bottom side of the pizza starts to turn red, then remove it from the pan. Eat with ketchup and enjoy.

Second Step: Making Pizza On big  With Stone Oven

Take a big degchi pot and put hard stones in it. Make sure before using washed well with water. Switch on burner with high flame until all stones becomes so hot in degchi pot. Then Take a kneaded dough according to your need, roll a bread with rolling pin. put in cast iron round plate. Then spread pizza sauce, add cooked chicken roast chunks. Sprinkle oregano, cheese, olives, mashrooms on it. Then place this plate on hot stones in deghchi pot. Cover degchi pot with lid, keep the stove on high flame. You can fully closed lid corner with wet cloth or kneaded flour by applying on it’s corner. After 15 minutes you can check if dough bread rise & all cheese melt. Take out from degchi pot and Enjoy.


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