How to Make Chicken Corn Soup?

How to Make Chicken Corn Soup?

Chicken corn soup

This soup is very popular among the people due to its deliciousness. When there is a cough and fever due to sore throat, after drinking hot chicken corn soup, the sore throat is relieved and the cough is also beneficial.

Ingredients For Chicken corn soup

Chicken 4 to 5 pieces with bones
Chicken stock 1 liter
Half tin of sweet corn
2 eggs as you like ( beaten )
Soy sauce 2 table spoon
Chili sauce
Vinegar one table spoon
Black paper one tea spoon
Salt according to your taste
Chicken cubes 1 packet
Green Bell Pepper half ( cut in small cubes ) Carrot one small (cut in small cubes )

Corn Flour 3 Table spoon


Take one utensil pour 1 liter water salt and chicken for making stock after 15 to 20  minutes when chicken tender and cook well take out chicken from stock and then shred it and put it back in the stock. Take 3 table spoon cornflour in half cup of water mix it then slowly add in stock when it become thick then add chicken cube, bell pepper and carrot. Put also black paper, soy sauce, chili sauce then taste it if you want to add more salt then add it. During cooking add beaten eggs stir slowly until raw beaten cook well and convert in thin flakes. Now your chicken corn soup is ready. You Pour it in bowl and garnish it with sauces or boiled egg or according to your taste.

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