How To Make Beef Dum Biryani?

How To Make Beef Dum Biryani?

Beef Dum Biryani

Those who are masters in making biryani typically produce flawless biryani, however occasionally mistakes are made and the dish doesn’t turn out to be tasty. The flavour of biryani might be diminished by a few inadequacies. Too much or too little salt, or raw rice, are frequent causes.

If after cooking the biryani, due to not knowing the correct ratio of salt, the salt remains less, then mix some salt in a quarter cup of water and pour it on the raw rice, stir all the rice with a spoon and put it on the stove.

If, after cooking biryani, there is too much salt in it, because the correct salt ratio was not used. Boil more rice without salt and mix boiled rice thoroughly with a spoon, then place the pan on the heat.


Beef Meat   =   1 kg

Rice   =   1 kg

Tomato   =   1/2 kg  ( sliced )

Tamarind  Pulp   =  1 cup

Onion Sliced  =   3

Red  Chili Powder  =  2 tsp

Whole Spices  ( garam masala )  =   2 tbsp

Cumin Seeds ( 2 tsp ),  Fennel Seeds ( 2 tsp ) , Whole Coriander ( 2 tsp ) , Jaifal + Jaivetri  (  powder 1 tsp ) =    Crushed all in machine or hand chopper

Salt  =   According to Your Taste

Dried Plum   =  1/2  cup

Fresh Green Coriander   =  1 cup

Fresh Green Mint leaves   =  1/2 cup

Whole  Green Chili  =  5 to 6

Lemon  =  2 ( Sliced )

Zarda Color  =  1 tsp  ( mix in water )

Preparation for how to make beef dum biryani?

Rice must first be soaked in water. Boil water, add salt, and cook rice until half done. Pour strained rice into a bowl. Step 2 is to spread oil, onions, and whole spices (garam masala) in a large pan. Sauté until all ingredients are golden brown. Add beef meat and stir until all water evaporates. Add tomatoes, red chili powder, and salt.  Which we crushed in a machine or by hand. Let meat cook until soft and tender. Tomato slices, crushed spices that we made in a machine or chopper, and tamarind pulp, dried plums.  Cook until oil appears. Over this thick gravy, place fresh green coriander, fresh green chilies, mint leaves, and two sliced tomatoes.  Over the boiled rice, drop the zarda color. Turn the heat down to the lowest setting and cover tightly. After 15 minutes, flip the rice over. Cover again. When rice become tender. Dum biryani is ready. Then serve with raita and salad.

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