Chicken Quorma Recipe

Chicken Quorma Recipe

How To Make Chicken Quorma Recipe

In Asian nations, chicken quorma is eaten with great affection and is retained as a special delicacy in many feasts because of its distinctive spices. The unique feature of quorma is that onions are fried, dried, and then ground into a powder before being added to the curry. This process gives the curry a lovely color while also improving the flavor and aroma.

When cooking the korma, brown the onion carefully because occasionally the color and flavor of the quorma are ruined by a dark brown color, and the color of the curry turns black instead of brown. Additionally, the flavour of a dark brown onion is also slightly different. Golden brown crispy fried onion is best in color and taste of quorma curry.

Ingredients For Chicken Quorma Recipe

Chicken  =  1/2 Kg

Oil  =  1 cup

Ghee  =  2-3 tsp

Cardamoms  =  8-10

Cloves  =  6-7

Garlic  =  2 tbsp

Coriander Powder  =  1 tbsp

Chili  =  1 tbsp

Salt  =  To Taste

Ginger Paste  =  1 tsp

Yogurt  =  1 cup

Onions   =   2 (fried, puree this with the yogurt), sliced

Garam Masala  =  1 tsp

Saffron  =   Few strands (mixed in 3 tsp of water)

Coriander Leaves   =  For garnishing (chopped )


  • Put the oil into the pan and heat it.
  • Stir the mixture properly by adding cardamom, cloves, and garlic.
  • After that, add the chicken and cook it for two to three minutes. Stir constantly.
  • Once the chicken is brown, add the coriander and chili powder.
    Add salt to taste.
  • In a saucepan, combine ginger paste, fried onions, and yogurt. Cook for a minute.
  • For flavor, add garam masala and saffron.
  • Adding a bit of water before covering will thin out the gravy if it’s too thick.
  • Make sure that the chicken and masala are well mixed.
  • Cook on a low flame for several minutes, then cover the pot. Stir occasionally.
  • Add coriander and serve Quorma warm.



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