Beef Patty Curd Culvers Burger

Beef Patty Curd Culvers Burger

Ingredients for Beef Patty Curd Culvers Burger

Colby Cheese Curd   =  1 Bowl

Beef Mince   =  1/2 kg

Tomatoes   =  According to your need

Pickled Cucumber   =  2

Salt    =  As per your taste

Crushed black pepper   =  2 tbsp

Onion   =  1 sliced or according to your taste

Lettuce Leaves =  Cut in thin pieces

Bread Crumbs   =  1 cup

Burger Patty   =  4

Egg  =  1 ( beaten)


You can make your own beef patties instead of buying them at the supermarket. Take 1/2 a pound of ground beef and mix it in a bowl. Shape the patties by hand into round balls.
Place the beef balls on parchment paper.
In a cast-iron skillet, heat the oil over medium heat.
As you press the meat with the spatula, it will become a flat patty. Season each patty with special seasoning! Garlic powder, salt, and crushed black pepper were sprinkled on top as well to enhance the taste.

Preparation of curd cheese patty

You should grease your hands with a few drops of oil before making a smooth patty with the Colby Cheese Curd. Add some breadcrumbs to the second bowl. Dip the cheesy curd patty in egg, then roll in bread crumbs, and deep fry in hot oil until it turns golden brown.

Assembling for Beef Patty Curd Culvers Burger

Slice a bun in half, put melted cheese on the bottom piece, add lettuce leaves, pickled cucumber, tomatoes, and onion slice, then put a beef patty on it. Put a curd cheese patty on top of the assembling, then cover it with the second half of the bun, or you can assemble it according to your choice just like in this image someone assembles it with avocado, lettuce leaves & tomato puree.

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