Keri Ki Lonji or Raw Mango Pickle

Keri Ki Lonji or Raw Mango Pickle

What Kind Of Mango Should Be Use For Lonji?

If you want to make lonji, choose mangoes that are slightly raw, because the taste of lonji is a bit sour, and raw mangoes also have a sour taste. In summer, when mangoes are in season, take raw mangoes for lonji. Raw mangoes turn into ripe sweet mangoes with the passage of time, so you can’t buy raw mangoes with the intention of making lonji at that time. It will be too late for you to make lonji since raw mango season will be over. You will only get ripe, sweet mangoes.


Fenugreek Seeds  =  1 tbsp

Fennel Seeds  =  1 tbsp

Mustard Seeds   =  1 tbsp

Cumin Seeds  =  1 tbsp

Black Cumin  =  1 tbsp

Turmeric Powder   = 1 tsp

Salt  =  According to your taste

Crushed Red Chili   =  1 tsp

Crushed all dry ingredients in machine and make a crushed powder.

Raw Mango  =  1 kg ( make a small chunks with knife )

Whole Green Pepper  =  1/2 kg

Mustard Oil  =  1 cup

Preparation For Keri Ki Lonji or Raw Mango Pickle

First you put mustard oil in a pan. Set a pot on a burner, when oil become hot put raw mangoes in it. Cook 5 minute then add whole green chilies. Put all crushed spices in it and cook well until raw mangoes become tender and soft. Take out pan from burner. Put this yum pickle in a fridge for 1 month. Keri ki lonji or raw mango pickle is ready.



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