Rich Chicken Stock For Cough Relief

Rich Chicken Stock For Cough Relief

Ingredients for rich chicken stock for cough relief

Chicken Meat Bones Include    =   1/2 Kg

Turmeric Powder   =  Pinch

Salt   =   1 tsp

Black Pepper Balls & Cinnamons    =   1 tsp

Whole Onion   =   1 ( cut in half )

Garlic   =  5 cloves ( uncut )

Water   =  1 jug

Ginger   =  2 small slices


In a pan, place all the chicken meat. Pour water into it. All ingredients should be added together.  It needs to be heated over low flame until the chicken meat becomes tender and soft, water quentity reduces, and the flavor feels like a yummy soup. Put all soup in a strainer and strain it. Drink hot soup to relieve coughing.


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