Chicken K2 Burger Recipe

Chicken K2 Burger Recipe

Ingredients For Chicken fry :

Chicken Breast long thin pieces   =  1 breast (cut in thin slices )

Black Pepper Crushed   =   2 tbsp

Salt   =  To Taste

Red Chili Powder   =  1 tbsp

White vinegar  =  2 tbsp

White Flour  =  2 cups

Eggs   =  3 beaten

Chicken Powder   =  1 tsp

Maple-Dijon Sauce  =  according to your taste

Burger Buns   =  6 Pieces ( cut in half )

Ingredients For Onion Salsa

Onion  =  2 pieces ( cut in thin small half slices  )

Olive Oil   =  3 tbsp

Black Pepper Powder   =  1/2  tsp

Salt   =  To taste

Lemon Juice  =  2 tbsp

Tomato  =  2 ( seedless pieces cut in small cubes )

Green Chives   =  1/2  cup

Preparation For Fry Chicken Breast Slices  :

Put all chicken breast thin slices in a bowl with all the spices and ingredients. It should be marinated for three hours. In a plate put white flour & chicken powder mix well.  After marinating chicken breast roll in a dry white flour and chicken powder. Dip in beaten egg, again roll in a white flour and dip in beaten egg. Now fry in hot oil one by until their color turns golden brown.

Preparation Salsa :

Combine all salsa ingredients in a bowl, then taste the mixture and add more salt or lemon according to your taste.

Assembling The Burger :

Take the bottom half piece of the bun,  pour it into salsa with a spoon, and place 1 fry chicken breast piece & maple dijon sauce. Cover it with another half-bun piece and repeat this procedure twice. Or serve it according to your taste.


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