Unique Recipe for Qehwa Lover

Unique Recipe for Qehwa Lover or Golden Tea For Tea Lover

Introduction For Golden Tea or Tea Lover

When everyone who was over at my house requested qehwa(tea) without milk and, ironically, there were no qehaw leaves(tea leaves) in the house, I decided to make tea without qehwa leaves(tea leaves) rather than be concerned.
When I opened the fridge, I found some lemons. Using lemons, I made qehwa(tea) that everyone enjoyed. It had a golden color and an aroma of lemons, which was liked by all the guests. I was happy to share its recipe with them as well. Guests were amazed to hear that this tea is prepared with lemon peels. The recipe for qehwa(tea) is also available if you are interested. If so, I will tell you how to make it.

Ingredients of Unique Recipe for Qehwa Lover

Lemon    =       Peel of half lemon & cut it into tiny pieces  ( for 2 cups)

Sugar     =   According To Your Taste

Regular Tea Leaves    =  Only 1 pinch

Water    =   3  cups


Pour water, regular tea leaves, lemon, and sugar into a pan. Bring to a boil on medium flame and simmer until the color turns golden and the aroma of the tea spreads. Then pour it through a strainer into cups. You can decorate with lemon thin slices, it’s optional.


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