Spicy Mashed Potato Stuffed Roti

Spicy Mashed Potatoes Stuffed Roti

Ingredients for spicy mashed potato stuffed roti

Wheat Flour    =   1 Bowl

Water   =  1/2 jug

Salt   =  1 tsp

Mashed Potato   =  4 Potato

Red Chili Powder   =   1 tsp

Whole Green Chili    =   As per your choice ( chopped )

Fresh Green Coriander Leaves   =  1 cup ( chopped )

Cumin Seeds   =   1 tsp

Readymade Chat Masala   =  As per your Choice

Onion   =   1 big ( chopped )

Oil    =   1 cup ( use only 2 tbsp for each roti )


You should first knead wheat flour, salt, and water until the dough looks soft and smooth. After mash potatoes, add salt, red chili powder, cumin seeds, chopped green chilies, fresh coriander, onion, & readymade chaat masalas, and mix with hands until all spices enhanced a great flavor. Handle the dough and form two small balls. Flatten it into two small round rotis with a rolling pin.  On the bottom part, spread mashed spicy potatoes all around. A second round roti should be placed on top of it. With your thumbs, press the edges. Again, roll it with a rolling pin until it becomes a large roti. After that, flatten the roti and place it on a griddle or tawwa that has been heated. Turn up side down when down side is cooked and pour 2 tbsp of oil on each side individually.  The first tbsp of oil should be spooned up and the second tbsp should be dropped down.


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