Lamb Nehari Cooked With Homemade Nehari Masala

Lamb Nehari Cooked With Homemade Nehari Masala

Some Hacks For Nihari

To make lamb nihari, the curry is thickened by adding flour in water and mix in it. Using spoon continuously when watery flour mixing in it to prevent lumps forming. In order to achieve the desired color and aroma of nihari, dry flour powder should be roasted on cast iron pans, mixed with water, then poured in nihari, mixed well, and cooked.


Lamb  Meat   =   1 kg

Dry Flour ( 4 tbsp ) + 1 cup of water   =   Make a thick liquid with water

Onion  =  1 small cut in thin slice

Cumin Seeds  =  1/2 tsp

Homemade Nehari Masala

Carom Seeds   =   2tbs

Coriander Seeds   =   8tbs
Green Cardamom    =  2tbs
Cloves   =   4tbs
Black Cardamom   =  8 pieces
Bay leaves   =  3
Star Anise   =   8 pieces
Black Salt  =   1/2 tsp
Red Chili Powder   =   2tbs
Dry Ginger powder  =   2tbs
Turmeric Powder   =  1tbs
 Nutmeg    =  1/2 tsp
Mace    =   1/2 tsp
Salt   =  2tbs
Deghi Mirch   =  2tbs
White Cumin Seeds   =  4 tbs
Fennel Seeds    =  6tbs
Grind all the whole spices(sabat). Mix it with the powder spices and mix well. keep in air tight jars.

For Garnish

Ginger   =  Julienne Cut

Green Coriander  =  Chopped

Whole Green Chili  =  Cut In Slice

How To Make Nehari From Homemade Nehari Masala

First you put lamb meat with water and pour 1 tsp salt. Cook until when it become a rich stock. Now take a separate pan than add 1/4 cup of oil then put 4tbsp homemade nehari powder. Take a strain and strain all cooked meat from stock. Then all cooked meat put in cooking pan.  Stir continuously until oil shining sides of the cooking pan. Then pour all stock stir also. When all gravy turn into boiling point. Then mix flour thick liquid gradually stir also. When all gravy turn thick gravy then flame set from high to slow. Cook pan for 15 minute. Then take a frying pan add sliced onion cook well until onion turn into golden brown then add cumin seeds and put 1/2 tsp homemade nehari masala powder for beautiful red oil color.

 NOTE: Use 4tbs of this masala for 1kg meat or chicken and 2tbs for 1/2kg meat or chicken(can add more salt and red chilli powder to make it more spicy).


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